Monday, April 30, 2012

How To Reduce Hair Fall Induced by Pantothenic Acid High Doses

I got this comment on the hub Acne Cure Guarantee : Coenzyme A - Pantethine concerning how one of my readers who used Pantethine and L-Cysteine to reduce hair fall caused by high doses of Pantothenic acid (10 grams/day).

Hi everyone,
Thank you for the information elqalatawy i'll keep taking cysteine hopefully the hair loss will stop after a few months its not really bad just makes me paranoid, too everyone else i wish i had of took Pathethine first instead of PA (10G). PA did work the fist time but not the second time which is strange and i got hairloss the second time so was a double bummer.. I think maybe because i had no cysteine left in my system that's a total guess but it makes sense cause you need cysteine to makeup co-enzyme and plus your hair needs its.

 Wini im taking 4 capsules a day 1800mg (450mg capsules) im gonna try half this in a couple of weeks its just i want my skin to be perfect before i drop down so i'll know whats my ideal dose if i get acne again.. my skin is perfect at the moment nose still a bit oily but 99% better than before(i use to get super oily)

The first two weeks i took Panthethine nothing happened to be honest i think i was more oily than the third week got a huge breakout was horrible(spots in places never got before) then the 4th week face was clear it was honestly like a light switch the way it works it didnt make oil less and less a day which you think it would it was honestly like an overnight light switch.. the night before it really happened i got really dry lips there kinda gone now which meant something did happen in my body that night..

everyone is going to be different with this stuff i would start off at 900mg for two weeks than if nothing happens like me double it as soon as i doubled it i got the horrible breakout but that's when it really started to work.. Thank You good luck everyone"


  1. Adult acne is more likely to be more cystic and harder-to-treat spots that form deeper under the skin, in comparison to adolescents, whose eruptions often occur around the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
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  2. Your tips about How to Reduce hair fall is really good.. thank you for information.

  3. Hairfalls can be two kinds.
    1. It can be normal.

    Everybody experiences hairfalls about two times per year. Its a normal cycle of renewing the hair by itself. Some falls are less noticable, like the one about spring time. And some falling are sometimes frightenning because of the amount of hairs lost - like the one before or in the beginning of the winter season. If thats the case, dont worry too much :-) It will be over in a month.

    2. It can be a disease.

    If your hair falls are real massive and you even have hairless spots on your head, its a problem youve got there. See the doctor immediately!

    Here are some tips for having a healthy hair and redusing your hairfalls. You always remember that any problems with your hair are actually a problem of your body. You think: How can i reduce hair fall? Your hair thinks: God, my body hasent eaten any good food recently, Im dying! You think: I want healthy hair. Hair thinks: I need mush water from the inside and a little sunshine in order to feel alive... So, here are rules for good hair:

    1. Never wash it too often - while its wet its hidratated but when watter starts to dry up, hair and your head skin also do! Once per 3-4 days and even more, if it looks good on you, is normal. Hair need its own oil, which it produses normaly to heal itself. Dont wash it away too often. Nature knows it ways - dont stay on them.

    2. Cut your dry and split ends and some more. sure you can go with shorter hair for a while, think what is more important: fassion or health.

    3. Dont use hair-drier if possible. dont do anything which is not natural for hair. We torture it and it answers us in these not pleasent ways youve already seen. Leave your hair alone and it will get better :-)

    4. Eat good and healthy food! dont eat too much fast foods, chocolate, artificial soups, chewing gums, coca cola(especially coca cola light) and any other foods and drinks that have preservatives in. Drink two or tree liters water every day. Eat more boiled foods than fried. It will heal you body and then help your hair and skin get better!

    5. Sunshine is not good lately but your hair needs some (get out of home when weather is good for an hour or two). Only not while its wet - it will burn it.

    6. When theres a problem with hair its a problem with body. Somethings missing on your table! Fish? Fruits? Green vegitables? What is it? Food has to be diverse! A fish per week, a different friut per day - thats needed! Think...

    7. Sometimes a change of body regimes and stresses of any kind make our hair die...fights with mom, bad success, mean friends ...anything that bothers you for quite a long time can give you changes in body processes...think again

    8. Love your hair and be tender to it in anything you do :-)

    9. Use simple shampoos. Those which get best ads are very agressive to hair since they want to get best results in no time. This means more useless chemicals. Use your old, simple shampoo brand. Hair oil for hair roots would be a good tip for you but make sure its natural, not a chemically remade good smelling garbage.

    10. Any masks and natural medicins might be ok, if you have found a basic solution for your whole body treatment. Your hair is just the vissable top of your body. Take care of it first and then think of hair treatments. Also dont use anything that just pops up. Be careful -try just once if it feels good then, if really feels so, continue. Listen to your body and be sensitive to it!

    So, thats about it. Have patience. Hair can get bad for a month if not taken care of it but gets well for three! We already said that: winter or early spring time it gets worse ofcourse - hairs fall down - its normal twice per year to have fallings. Anyway you have to know if you love it and you love yourself, it will come back to live for sure! Dont worry to much!

    Good luck on that!