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Look Inside "How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight and Forever" Book

Today I will let you look inside my new book "How To Get Rid of Acne Overnight and Forever".
Since the material the book encloses is new, I preferred to start from the very beginning ; the introduction, as it lays the ground for reading the information inside the book.


                                                 The Real Cause of Acne

"Get Rid of Acne Overnight?.. and forever?"

Is it possible to get rid of acne vulgaris overnight? Yes, the body does not take more than one night to clear acne when we help it to proceed in the right track.

Forever? Yes, after you clear your acne you will watch your skin and be ready to prevent acne formation right from the start. Moreover you will define exactly what caused acne breakouts.

So why I am so sure?

Here is messages sent by one of my readers :

'I have never been this clear before ever since I started getting acne and this is the only thing I have ever tried that can actually work "too well".'

"I can now report Success!!! The stubborn spot has now gone away. I am now clear!"

Here is other messages from a different reader :

["skin getting clearer. No new papules!!! No side effects except dried margins of upper and lower lips which I'm controlling with lip balms and less sleep and now I wake up early easily!"

"Update: redness is almost gone. No new acne even after having desserts I couldn't enjoy before. Old pimples are in resolution. Overall, I feel my face is not breaking anymore."]

Here is another message from a third reader :

"One thing I forgot to say was thank you to elqalatawy for the quality of info in this thread. This is the sort of thing that should have been provided years ago but no one cared."

These messages and many others were sent to me, after using an older regimen that I have filtered, to make it simpler and more convenient to produce prompt results.

What makes you feel more comfortable about the new treatment, is to compare the strategy it uses to the strategy that is used by all other treatments.

Scanning all the products out there that treat acne, we will find that they do not deal with the underlying cause of acne, rather they deal with its symptoms.

The acne products are categorized into 2 categories, a individual product category which includes products treating individual symptoms like, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, pustules, papules...etc.

Or the other group category that points to the way you will get the treatment like, home remedies, OTC products, prescription drugs...etc, and all treat symptoms.

ALL of them either have incomplete results, or they have side effects. You have to use them for years or until you get serious side effects that require stopping the treatment. When you stop the treatment the case would be worse than when you started up.

It is not the best way that you use safe remedies that have incomplete results, or do not have even results for all individuals.

After all, they are empirical ways that helped some people, in some communities and in some times, with all what this involves of changed environments and personal habits.

Perhaps you use some OTC products that relieves some symptoms, but this keeps you using them endlessly, keeps you alert to get new information about something seems to be used forever, as well as it keeps you allocating some of your income for buying them.

In many cases, they fail to control acne.

It is not convenient either to listen to some advices on how you can prevent acne, by living a strange style of life that involves a lot of restrictions like, banning some foods, sparingly using makeup or perfumes, keeping away from sun exposure, or chilling while you are frustrated!.

It is not also wise to wait until you need a prescription drug like Retinoic acid derivatives, which change the way your skin cells act as they work there in the cell nucleus.

They have serious side effects and when stopped, the condition may be aggravated more than the very beginning.

You may have tried one or more of these approaches, in fact this is part of the problem, because it may take acne to unpredictable new skin traits, that change the way metabolism reacts to the changed situations that produce acne.

Unless you cure acne overnight then you treat it the wrong way. It is there in the machinery of your body and all what you have to do is to relieve the pressure they are submitted to.

You have to recognize where are your body strengths to use them to get rid of a small obstacle on its way.

So what am I talking about?

You may think that I will tell you to apply an ice pack, lemon juice, toothpaste or any other application to the affected areas to reduce the inflammation and redness, making the acne less visible.

Or you may be inclined to think that I will recommend that you detoxify your body, to get acne free by one of those magical detoxification plans that work non-specifically.

I am really talking about something you have never heard of before.

Yes, you read it right, you have never known of this information before. Even if you've read me here or there, the information here has never been published before.

Without the proposed hype about myself, I am a pharmacist that have practiced pharmacy for more than 30 years (having a little experience under my belt), and I have seen all types of treatments and known their results and all their effects.

I revised one product after another, and seen its therapeutic and side effects. As I am apt to Biochemistry, I always thought that there should be something that is better than all of that.

Something that encloses the acne metabolism within the normal metabolism to get rid of acne, EFFECTIVELY and SAFELY.

What is Missing You to Get Rid of Acne Forever?

People have never known the real cause of acne and they vaguely accused hormones, diet or stress to be the causes of acne, without looking at the whole picture of metabolism. How these factors affect metabolism.

All the suffering from acne and its treatments are caused by the associated opposite effects of its underlying cause..

"But what is the cause of acne and its opposite effects, and how acne is cured through them?"

You will ask..

In a moment...

                                                     Fat Metabolism

In short and condensed words (more detailed as we go through the book together), here is the thing:

Acne is caused by the inability of the body to accelerate the building-up and breaking-down of fat at the same time, and this in turn causes some surplus fat to be stored in the skin.

This stored fat contains among other constituents glycerides and fatty acids, which offer the nourishment for certain bacteria which multiplies and initiate an inflammatory process... and this later may lead to scar formation.

It is these glycerides and fatty acids that are the 'polymorphous' part in the whiteheads - which are continuously formed - that leads to transforming the bumps from a fatty environment to an aqueous environment...

the background of a microscopic life with all its problems to the skin.

Once you enhance fat metabolism through accelerating its opposite tracks (building up and breaking down) that are both under pressure, you will get rid of the unneeded fat and let the body builds other fat - it needs - its own required way at the same time.. and get rid of acne. 

This will also ensure the continuous disposal of whiteheads once they are formed, thus erasing the cornerstone of all acne forms and symptoms.

Without boosting the opposite pathways of fat metabolism, whiteheads will be continuously changed leading to blackheads, pimples, pustules, papules ... or scars, with all what it takes of suffering, embarrassment, frustrations and cost.

This may represent a social barrier for you, or it may
bring up problems that takes you to another level of expensive or risky practices, like prescription Retinoids, surgery, laser, dermabraison....etc

Boosting fat metabolism in both opposite directions sets you free to live the energetic stage of your life, merrily, happily, and peacefully without being imprisoned in the shameful, embarrassed and frustrated acne-problem personality.

I just want you to know that these are not just a bunch of bold statements merely posed for the sake of trying to be 'different and innovative'. In fact:

- I recommended this regimen for many clients of my private pharmacy with great success

- I present tips to some of my readers online and they are so thankful because of the results

- I am in the process of registering a topical formula of this treatment in my country

So you will realize that 'Boosting fat metabolism', is not a scientific jargon about acne, that is said everywhere to make you frightened to ask about complicated science, and leaving you armless facing acne.

In fact, as you will learn easily, that this is the ultimate solution of the problem of acne.

Moreover, you will realize that it is unprecedented way of treatment of acne, and that it has the potential to make you acne free forever, if only you allow it to.
You are lucky enough to read this book, because you are a few minutes away from learning a new skincare regimen secrets, that will stay with you for life, prevent acne formation and gets you a younger smooth skin.

Moreover, you will be the expert that family and friends consult you, about the proper skincare types. After you learn how to prepare the best acne treatment, you can even sell it.

If you have searched for information about how to get rid of whiteheads or blackheads to prevent acne, because you have the gut feeling that everything starts with them, you are right and you will be rewarded by reading this book.

Everything I will present to you in the next few chapters is based on accumulated practical experience, of implementing ideas that are based on solid science. I promise that I won't hold anything back.

                    Before we start..

You probably got into this from either of the following situations:

- You may be just starting your 'acne treatment', you read about or listen to many 'words of mouth' about this product or that product .. and you don't know really where to start

- Or you are one of those who doubt all this commercial hype that is not based on documented facts, and you believe that remedies are the best hoping that this 'last one' you are reading now will complement your 'previous one'...

- And may be you suffer side effects of one or another acne treatment...and you're completely frustrated because after stopping your treatment you've got worse acne..

You may have tried lots of things already... but nothing helps... In turn, you're angry, sad, desperate of finding a proper acne treatment or cure.

Either way, I've got good news for you :

Whatever the situation you come from, you are in the right place.

You are about to discover the whole thing and take up knowledge that goes way beyond most currently prevailing acne treatments, which for many have never ended and/or yielded disappointing results.

In the next few chapters, I will guide you step-by-step into a complete understanding of how acne is formed, and consequently how it is treated , cured and prevented.

I will be able to clearly explain to you:
The what...
The why...
And most important of all: the how...

of boosting your fat metabolism the right way and getting rid of acne, to live your life the way you like. As such, this is not a bunch of vague statements of probabilities.

Instead, you'll have an acne stanza that will teach you everything about acne including, a complete practical way of treatment that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

So brace yourself to get all the details, with all the clarity you need! You're going to learn the whole story of how to keep acne away in the clearest way you'll ever come across.

Now you may ask how can I offer you this complete solution to acne for that price, while we all know that you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for an incomplete endless regimens..

well, in fact I want to present a powerful product for a price that is affordable to anyone , to get readers thrilled about my writing. I like to entice fans of holistic treatments.

Just hop on... come along... and "let's get rid of acne forever"!

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