Thursday, April 26, 2012

Optimum Dose Of Pantethine to Get Rid of Acne

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hi everyone,
Ive been taking Pantethine(jarrows)for nearly a month now and all acne is gone still little oil but im hoping that will go to zero after another month. I start takin 2 450mg and then bumped it up to 4, 4 times a day.. Really Happy with the results and i hope the effect isnt short term.. Wini im the same as you i took b5 and still have the hairloss problem but is not that bad but still have loose thin hairs. I take a mix of Cysteine Methionine im really not sure if it helps to be honest people usually recommend them two and biotin not sure which is the best i take biotin aswell but not in large quantities,
Do you think Panthethine in high quantities would cause hair loss i doubt it would but not sure?

And here is my reply:

Glad to hear this news!
Pantethine is not probably a cause to hair loss. High doses of Pantothenic acid may withdraw some cysteine preventing it from incorporation in hair (in keratin), and this not the case of pantethine because it already contains sulfur and it increases cysteine content in the system.

 In fact, this is the second time I have the feedback that the optimum dose of Pantethine to cure acne is 2,250 mg/day. Since the recommended dose is within 1,200 mg/day, I don't know how I react. I can only agree if it is over a short period.

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