Saturday, November 5, 2011

Acne Best Treatments

Acne is made into a myth. Best treatments of acne are hindered by the pervasive sources of information out there regarding the causes of acne. Persistent myths prevent acne patients from seeking the right treatment.

Available acne treatments range from home remedies and masks, to supplements and prescription drugs. Home remedies are empirical treatments that may not suit all individuals.
Acne patients may lose their money and their hair using very high doses of supplements like vitamin B5, or as the least side effects of using a prescription like Accutane.

In fact, people who suffer acne or those who treat them, both deal with acne the wrong way although it is simpler than that. We all should know that whiteheads and blackheads in the skin are like Cerumen (ear wax) in the ear, which is produced by the sebaceous glands in part.
Acne converts into a disease when we lead the body to deal with it the wrong way. When the fatty bumps are infected, the body deals with them as an aggression that is fought by inflammation, which may lead to scar formation.

Acne is the result of increased fat synthesis (fat again?!!) and the body stores this fat in its assigned locations, that is the oil glands. The body does not react with fat clogs in the skin unless their content is changed to include bacteria or an allergen.

We do not need to lead the body to get a real disease, when we try to win the battle with acne which is not a real disease. The best treatment of acne is to remove the accumulated fat from inside out. It is to give the body the subsidiary tools  needed to "digest" this fat and burn it, and this the subject of another article.

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