Friday, November 4, 2011

Role of Hormones in Acne

Male and female hormones secretion triggers an acne flare. Both types of sex hormones are present in both sexes, their ratio in each sex is completely different from the other, and this is what makes all the differences between male and female.

One of the effects of male sex hormones (androgens) is to induce the sebaceous glands to secrete excessive amounts of oils that clog the skin pores. The relation between acne and androgen effect is not proportional, but the relation with synthesis of steroidal hormones is.

can we imagine that continuous injection of androgens will make an oil well in the skin?. An androgen is what causes hair growth in girls, but we can not make their hairs grow longer by giving them more androgens.

Acne is developed when the body is in the process of activated fat synthesis, to produce regulatory molecules (steroidal hormones), and it increases production and storage of sebum (oil) in the process. It should synthesize sebum anyway, and if there is some extra amounts they can be stored there in the oil glands.

If we can boost fat metabolism, then the body would be capable of burning the extra fat present in the oil glands, and thus clearing whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

The one molecule that is used to start oxidation of fat (and carbohydrates) in the mitochondria, is Coenzyme A. The body recycles this pivotal molecule to enter intermediary molecules into the tricarboxylic acid (Krebs) cycle in the mitochondria (power house) to produce energy.  Coenzyme A is the molecule that starts fat synthesis as well.

The body makes Coenzyme A by combining, Vitamin B5, Cysteine (amino acid) and ATP (a high energy molecule). Normally, the body depends on the diet to obtain Vitamin B5 and Cysteine (or Methionine).

When the body is urged to synthesize increased amounts of steroidal hormones, Coenzyme A formed is shunted into the route of fat synthesis. Were there more Coenzyme A, the body will burn fat deposited in the sebaceous glands.

If we supply the body with supplementary amounts of the precursors of Coenzyme A, it will make more amounts to oxidize and burn fat stored in the oil glands. Consequently, you can take Vitamin B5 (or Pantethine) and Methionine (Cysteine). This is tried with success by many people as you can see here Acne Cure Guarantee

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  1. The hormones present in the body affects the secretion of oil glands,which can only be cured by vitamin B5 and methionine.

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