Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Acne Useful Facts

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I wrote these hubs The B5 New Acne Cure,Acne Cure Guarantee, Coenzyme A Supplement, Acne Laser Treatment Is Not The Perfect Solution about use of precursors of Coenzyme A to cure acne. Browsing the internet for some information about the trend, I found this thread and I found that it contains some crucial information. In, it is mentioned that an exogenous supply of cysteine was needed to maintain maximal rates of protein and CoA synthesis. Keratin (protein) in hair needs cystine to be maintained healthy, and this could explain the negative effects of high doses of Pantothenic acid on hair.

Thus, Pantothenic acid depletes the body of the amino acid Cysteine, on scietific basis. 1 molecules of Cysteine is needed to form Coenzyme A, and 2 molecules of CYSTEINE are needed to form the amino acid CYSTINE in keratin.

The thread contains also the contents of Brewer's Yeast, it is really a goldmine for acne sufferers. It contains 80 mg of Pantothenic acid, 100 mg of L-Methionine, 95 mg of L-Cystine, and 100 mcg of Biotin.
It is also a rich source of other amino acids, minerals that are needed by the skin like manganese and magnesium, and trace elements like Selenium.

Now I can comfortably recommend that you can cure acne by combining Pantethine or Pantothenic acid with Methionine, and you may take Brewer's yeast supplement.

One final word, you should use these supplements during breakouts until they fade. If you plan to use them for a long period then you should consult your doctor. Long term use of high doses of these supplements may induce side effects, and some of them may be serious.

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